Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals Need To Think More Deeply About Israel | The Federalist

In The Federalist, Elan Journo writes:

For his new Showtime series, Sacha Baron Cohen, the satirist who created and starred in the film “Borat,” carried out a prank laden with political significance. While the prank’s main focus is a commentary on gun control, it can also be taken as a critique of some Americans’ reflexive, unthinking attitude toward Israel.

So contends Alan Elsner in the Washington Post, who calls instead for a critical, balanced, thoughtful policy toward Israel. That seemingly reasonable path, however, rests on its own kind of reflexive, unthinking mindset.


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Interview on The Federalist Radio Hour | Fighting Islamic Totalitarianism and America’s Morality

Journo joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss fundamental problems with American foreign policy and how our leaders have failed to defend us and our ideas.”America has incredible military strength, but what it lacks is moral self-confidence,” he said. “The source of that is certain ideas about morality and how to organize foreign policies that are in effect at odds with ourselves.”

Journo argued that there is good that would be done globally as a result of a self-interested foreign policy. “Instead of going into all these countries with our welfare aid missions trying to push these ideals through programs, what if we actually stood by them and lived by and told people this is our standard?” he said.