The Fall of Afghanistan The Taliban have entered the Afghan capital, having rapidly swept to power throughout the country, while the U.S. is frantically airlifting its diplomats to safety. What explains the fall of Afghanistan? In 2001 U.S. forces targeted the Taliban’s Islamic totalitarian regime, which had harbored the 9/11 plotters. What went wrong? Featuring Onkar Ghate and … Continue reading The Fall of Afghanistan

Ayn Rand’s Repudiation of the UN The United Nations is widely seen as an essential organization, albeit needing reform. To say that Ayn Rand was critical of the UN is an understatement: she regarded it as fundamentally corrupt. Her moral analysis is unique -- and profoundly illuminating. Elan Journo and Agustina Vergara Cid discuss Rand’s distinctive, philosophic view of this … Continue reading Ayn Rand’s Repudiation of the UN

Vaccine False Alternatives: Bribes vs. Mandates Although Covid vaccines are widely available in the U.S., many people refuse to take the vaccine. Should more states emulate California and Ohio in giving out million-dollar lottery prizes as incentivizes? Is it true (as some argue) that to overcome the pandemic, we need vaccine “mandates”? Onkar Ghate and Elan Journo discuss this issue, … Continue reading Vaccine False Alternatives: Bribes vs. Mandates

Why Ayn Rand Rejected ‘Conservatism’ Many critics and fans think of Ayn Rand as belonging within the “conservative” movement. This view is reinforced by a number of prominent conservative figures who are self-declared fans of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. But Rand was not simply critical of “conservatism,” she repudiated it. Why? What was her evaluation of “conservatism”? In … Continue reading Why Ayn Rand Rejected ‘Conservatism’