After banning my Book, UCLA explains itself

[The Times of Israel] I’m encouraged by UCLA’s official response to the book-banning incident. The gist of my blog post: In a letter to ARI, the UCLA Law School issued a formal apology for the incident, and it explained that the decision to ban the book was inconsistent with its vigorous commitment to freedom of speech and respectful debate. Moreover, the school admitted that it had fallen short of its own commitment to apply policies in a content-neutral manner. The administration detailed steps it is taking to prevent such incidents in the future. I appreciate the university’s frank recognition of its error. I applaud the UCLA Law School’s administration for taking the matter so seriously and for reaffirming its commitment to uphold the freedom of speech. When so many universities today are betraying that ideal, UCLA’s letter is a heartening contrast. Read the whole thing.

Netanyahu Is Reading “Nothing Less Than Victory” — and So Should You | The Times of Israel

Lately we’ve seen a whole flurry of articles — many of them overstated — about the influence of Ayn Rand on some of Trump’s cabinet picks, and in that there’s some (qualified) good news. Now comes this heartening news story: Israel’s newspaper of record, Haaretz, reports that the country’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was seen in parliament reading a book by an Objectivist historian, the late John David Lewis. The book is Nothing Less Than Victory: Decisive Wars and the Lessons of History (Princeton University Press, 2010).

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