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Additional Maps

The Center for Israel Education offers links to many helpful maps of Israel and the region.

Timeline of Key Events

To help you gain an overview of the conflict in its wider context, below is a selective timeline featuring key events mentioned in the text, along with several historical milestones.

1914-1918 World War One; the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

1922 League of Nations grants Great Britain Mandate over Palestine

1928 Muslim Brotherhood is founded in Egypt.

1936-39 uprisings within Palestine, Hajj Amin Al-Husseini involved.

1939-45 World War Two.

1947 U.N. Partition vote. Insurrection begins within Palestine.

1948 British Mandate ends. Israel declares independence. Israel’s War of Independence. Military forces of Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia invade Israel.

1949 Israel reaches armistice agreements with Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon.

1956 Suez Crisis involving Egypt, Israel, France and Britain.

1964. Founding of Palestinian Liberation Organization.

1967 The “Six Day War” results in Israel’s control over the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula.

1968-70 Palestinian Liberation Organization runs quasi-state within Jordan.

1969-70 Egyptian “War of Attrition”

1970-82 Palestinian Liberation Organization runs quasi-state within Lebanon

1973 Egypt-Israel war, known as “Yom Kippur War”

1974 Yasser Arafat gives famous speech to U.N.

1975-90 Civil war rages in Lebanon.

1979 Camp David Peace Accords signed between Israel and Egypt.

1979 Iranian revolution. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini goes on to become first “Supreme Leader” of the newly created totalitarian Islamist regime in Iran, committed to exporting its revolution worldwide.

1980-88 Iran-Iraq War.

1982 Israel completes withdrawal from Sinai

1987-93 the Palestinian “Intifada” uprising

1987 Emergence of Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement)

1989 Berlin Wall comes down; the Soviet bloc begins its collapse.

1990-91 Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq invades Kuwait; Iraq fires missiles at Israel; U.S.-led coalition expels Iraqi forces from Kuwait.

1993 Signing ceremony at White House for the Oslo peace process.

1994 Israel reaches peace accord with Jordan.

1994 Yasser Arafat assumes leadership of Palestinian Authority, an interim quasi-state.

2000 Israel withdraws from a strip of territory on the border with Lebanon.

2000 The “Second Intifada” begins.

2001 September 11. Coordinated jihadist attacks, using hijacked airliners, on New York City and Washington, D.C.

2002 Karine A, a freighter laden with explosives, rockets, and other weapons, is intercepted on the way to deliver its cargo to the Palestinian Authority.

2002 U.S. launches “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan

2003 U.S. launches “Operation Iraqi Freedom”

2005 Israel completes unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

2006 Hamas participates in Palestinian legislative elections and wins.

2006 Hezbollah-Hamas war with Israel

2007 Hamas fights to wrest control of Gaza from the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority.

2007-Present. Hamas operates an Islamist regime in the Gaza Strip

2008-09 Hamas-Israel War (“Operation Cast Lead”)

2009 The Goldstone Report (“Report of the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza-Conflict”) is published.

2009 Iranians protest the rigged elections. The Iranian regime puts down the protesters by force.

2011. Beginning of the “Arab Spring.” Egypt’s dictator Hosni Mubarak steps down amid mass protests. Tunisian dictator flees. Syrian civil war begins. Libya collapses into anarchy.

2012. Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood wins the presidential election in Egypt. In 2013, Morsi is overthrown in a military coup.

2012 Hamas-Israel War (“Operation Pillar of Defense”)

2013 Jihadists set off bombs at the Boston marathon.

2014 Hamas-Israel War (“Operation Protective Edge”)

2014 Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (a/k/a ISIS, or ISIL) declares itself a “Caliphate.”

2015. Jihadists massacre the editorial staff at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo for “insulting Islam.” Further jihadist attacks in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Garland, Texas, at free-speech events. Coordinated suicide attacks at multiple locations in Paris, France, including the crowded Bataclan nightclub.

2015 The Iran nuclear deal (“Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action”).

2016. Jihadist attacks in Brussels, Belgium. Massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Suicide bombing at airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Jihadist rams truck into crowds in Nice, France; another truck-ramming attack in Berlin, Germany.

2017. Jihadist attacks in the UK (at Westminster Bridge and parliament building in London; at the Manchester Arena following concert; at London Bridge and Borough Market in London); in Barcelona, Spain; in Paris, France.

2017 Donald Trump’s statement on Jerusalem.

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P. 80. paragraph 2, line 7: “it values” should read “its values”.

P. 104. Map 2, label “Suez Peninsula” should read “Sinai Peninsula.” And note that the Gulf of Eilat is also known as the Gulf of Aqaba.

P. 110. paragraph 2, line 11: “for talks the Jordanian regime.” should read “for talks with the Jordanian regime.”

P. 126. paragraph 2, line 8, “it can our warp our thinking.” should read “it can warp our thinking.”

P. 258n68. “the state’s the law” should read “the state’s law.”