Understanding The Jihadist Movement [video]

In Paris and Copenhagen, jihadists have gone on killing sprees. In the Middle East, the Islamic State rampages. Years after bin Laden’s death, the Al Qaeda network lives on. Iran’s jihadist regime seeks to go nuclear. The jihadist menace persists. What animates it? What impact has the “war on terror” had on jihadists? In this talk, delivered at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2015, Ayn Rand Institute director of policy research Elan Journo addresses these important questions.

The “Virtue of Selfishness”? Ayn Rand’s Ethics of Egoism in Your Own Life [video]

Ayn Rand held that an individual’s pursuit of “his own rational self-interest and of his own happiness is the highest moral purpose of his life.” Fifty years ago, Rand published The Virtue of Selfishness, a groundbreaking book laying out her ethics of rational egoism. What does it look like to be selfish in your own life? In this introductory talk, Elan Journo discusses Rand’s conception of morality and sketches what it looks like in practice.

Twenty Years After Oslo: Where Next for U.S. Foreign Policy? [video]

Twenty years ago the “peace process” ignited fervent hopes of Middle East peace. But that policy collapsed. Peace remains elusive. Why? Now, amid the rise of Islamists, the upheaval in Egypt, the Syrian civil war, and an imminently nuclear-capable Iran, what might it take to achieve peace? Following the so-called Arab Spring, how should we view the Israel-Palestinian conflict? What should America’s policy be toward the region, and Israel in particular? Elan Journo, Aaron David Miller, Daniel Pipes and Jonathan Tobin discuss these questions, and more, in a panel.

Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict

In this four-part course, Elan Journo provides an historical and political account of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Some of the questions this course explores include: Who are Israel’s adversaries? What’s the dispute about? How should the adversaries, and their respective claims, be judged? How has this conflict shaped, and been shaped by, the politics and ideological trends of the Middle East? What’s at stake for the United States and the West?

These talks were recorded live at the 2009 Objectivist summer conference, and assume some knowledge of the application of Ayn Rand’s philosophy to political issues.